Logging In

Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, please ask your teacher to reset it. Otherwise contact the IT department.

Your school account and Google account password are always the same. If you need to reset your password, do not do it through Google. You can change your password on a computer in one of the IT rooms by holding Ctrl - Alt - Delete buttons and clicking 'Change a password'.

Sync your Google Chrome!

Please ensure that Sync is turned on in Chrome. Click on the top right of Google Chrome, on your profile. Then click on Turn on Sync. Click yes or I'm in on the pop ups that appear. 

Remember that you need to click on 'Sign in with Google' and log in with your school email address and password. You can also view work without logging in, more details can be found on https://smhw.chenderit.net/ 

It may cause logging in problems at home if there is more than one Google account being used in Chrome. If you are sharing your computer, you should use a different browser than the other person. Microsoft Edge is recommended as a second browser.

Please note that Show My Homework has been renamed to Satchel One

Click the logo on the right to log in to MathsWatch

Username: Your username is the same as your Google login e.g. 19taverj@chenderit.net

First time: When you login in the first time, your password is the same as your username (in lower case) e.g. 19taverj@chenderit.net

Make sure you change your password when you first login.

Forgotten your password? Please ask your Maths teacher to reset it

Click the logo on the left to log in to Kerboodle

Username: Your username is the same as your school computer login

First time: If you have never logged on before, your password will be exactly the same as your username (change this on first log-in).

Institution Code: dre5 

Forgotten your password? Please ask your Languages teacher to reset it