Sophos XG App - Logging in to use the internet

If for whatever reason the Sophos XG app is not working, you can use the webpage version by typing in in the Chrome address bar or clicking on BYOD on the right, you should bookmark this if it isn't already. You can then sign in as normal.

Wifi is hanging when turning on Chromebook

On occasion, Chromebooks may pop up with the network unavailable message. This can be resolved by simply waiting a few minutes. It will automatically pick up the Wifi and sign in. If it does not however, let your teacher know.

Google Play Store Adobe Apps

There are many Adobe sketch and design applications available to install on the Google Play Store. It can be accessed by either googling the Play Store or by bringing up the 'launcher' which is the circle icon on the bottom left. You should see it there, otherwise you can search for it or click the up arrow button above the search box.